For generations and up to the present day, the typical method of building a building was the owner working with an architect to complete a set of construction drawings and then competitively bidding the project out to prospective general contractors.  Once received, the bids are reviewed and typically the lowest qualified bidder is awarded the contract for contract.  It is in this arena that Maron Construction has been very successful for the past 30 years. 

Maron Construction pools its resources to get the most competitive pricing from its vendors and subcontractors and through maintaining important relationships with them we are able to be extremely adept at securing the best value for our clients.  In the end, we feel that even though we are separate entities, the best way to deliver a successful project is to treat everyone as a member of the team so nothing gets lost in translation.

Communication is the most important element in delivering what is expected so Maron Construction goes to great length to involve everyone in the building process and encourage the free flow of ideas.  On most occasions, we are able to produce a superlative product that exceeds everyone’s expectations and encourages our clients to hire us again and again.

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General Contracting

For over 30 years, Maron Construction Co., Inc. has been delivering quality projects throughout Southern New England ranging from the smallest renovation to complex federal projects with aggressive deadlines, budgets and other sensitive factors.  The same amount of care and attention to detail is provided from a small project costing less than a used car to a complex federal project valued in tens of millions of dollars.
Our family approach has allowed Maron Construction to provide a personalized level of service that is second to none in an industry that has lost the family pride that everyone at Maron possesses. Many of our superintendents and office staff have been with us since the company first started and is that family ethic has been passed down to younger generations. 

The result is that every member of Maron Construction is an ambassador dedicated to providing the best product and service possible.  Quality and satisfaction are never sacrificed when Maron Construction is working with you.

Come on inside and explore why Maron Construction has been defining the art of construction throughout the region!

General Contracting

Design - Build

Construction Management

Historic Preservation

& Green Construction

Over the past few years, the design-build method of producing a project has become an increasing popular option for our clients.  Instead of the traditional building process where the customer hires an Architect to design and produce a set of construction documents, which then get issued to General Contractors for budgeting and final building, the design build method involves the General Contractor at a much earlier stage.  The General Contractor typically hires and manages the members of the design team on the behalf of the customer and, in turn, is able to provide constructive criticism and options to the design which equates to a better managing of the budget and also expedites the delivery of the project to the customer.

Maron Construction has advanced this idea one step further by physically incorporating the design team under one room by having registered design professionals as part of our company.  By investing in this idea, unlike most other design-build firms, the architect is truly part of the construction team with the result of this physical and corporate proximity being the fact that the right hand truly does know what the right hand is doing.

By joining together under one roof, the “finger-pointed” that could occur under the traditional bid-build system is eliminated. The predictable by-product of this successful marriage of related industries is the successful delivery of projects with uncompromised quality and value without sacrificing beauty and functionality.