It has been almost forty years since James Maron laid the foundation for a successful construction company based on focusing all of his energies on his customer’s needs and completing them on-schedule with both quality and affordability. It is this mission that continues as strongly today as it was when Jim put forth this challenge to his employees so many years ago.  This core belief has allowed Maron Construction Company to become a regional leader in construction and design build projects today.  By continuing to focus on our customer’s needs we have been able to grow and help our customers answer their construction and design needs in a way that is second to none in the industry. 

Maron Construction Company is proud to list some of our abilities and achievements so you can understand how we can help you.

Maron Construction Company is a family owned company, firmly rooted in family values.  Jim’s children, David, Jayne & Tom are all officers of the company and have grown to a company with receivables numbering in the millions of dollars.  Soon, a third generation of the Maron family is poised to continue the mission well into the 21st century.  Together, the company is represented by over 100 years of design and building experience and we are eager to show you what we can do for your project.

The adage that says “You are only as good as your word.” has never been so appropriate than when you are dealing with general contractors.  Historically, general contractors as a group have gotten a bad reputation among customers through their inability to deliver their projects on time and on budget – and in many cases, this reputation was definitely earned.
Maron Construction Company has worked hard to shatter those negative stereotypes by adopting a simple, but effective, strategy; inform your customer what is possible and not what they want to hear, and always deliver on your promises.  For almost forty years, Maron Construction Company has been delivering on those promises and producing high quality work on time and on budget without fail.
The key to this success lies in the ability of Maron Construction Company to forge and perpetuate effective strategic partnerships with their subcontractors. Our subcontractors have a fundamental understanding of what is expected of them and also deliver nothing less that their best quality work at all times.  This teamwork approach to our projects has allowed us to address every detail and to provide a superlative level of finish that has built a high level of trust that keeps our clients returning to us.

As the construction field gets more confusing and difficult to work in, the Design-Build method of delivering a project has become a more popular option available to customers by integrating the design process with the construction process.  By involving the contractor early in the process, the speculation typically associated with the construction schedule, methods and budgeting is now solved early in the process with the result being a reduction in costs and the shortening of the project schedule.
Maron Construction Company has become a firm advocate of the design-build delivery method and has invested heavily in trying to make a good method great by bringing the design and construction worlds together under one roof.  By having direct control over the design and construction realms, and integrating them physically, Maron Construction Company has created the most seamless and direct approach to delivering a project to their clients that practically removes all obstacles typically encountered.
By making this move, Maron Construction has created a system of designing and building a project that is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods available.
Maron Construction Company is not a faceless corporation that reduces their customers to line items on a spreadsheet.  All company officers and employees are involved in the design and construction of each project and is poised to lend advice and assistance.  Every member of Maron Construction Company is an ambassador to our customers and if a specific person is unavailable to handle a particular issue, then there are always several others who can intervene and resolve small issues before they grow into large ones.

Maron Construction Company is dedicated to Green Design and Construction and has several members of their staff certified as LEED Green Professionals (with specialties in Building Design and Construction) by the USGBCI.  We are able to advise from the onset of design and throughout construction to assist in your project reducing your carbon footprint and not degrading the environment.